Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies
Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies
Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies
Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies
Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies
Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies

Mark Me Special Edition Hardback with Bonus Goodies

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I’m marked…but I won’t be tamed.

Loss has scarred my life. I’ve trained relentlessly, endured unimaginable pain for one goal—to face the beast who watched me, who came for me. But took my family instead.

There’s nothing I won’t do for vengeance.

Until three sinful and unhinged monsters find me, emerging from the shadows with sharp teeth, and with claws that could pull apart my life as easily as they do the buttons on my dress.

They think they can break me... Absurd.

Yet I’m caught in their twisted war in a world in ruins and fraying at the edges. They won’t leave me alone, insisting I belong to them. That they’ll make me irrevocably theirs.

Resisting the fantasies they promise grows harder with every passing day, and it scares me how easily I’ve started thinking of them as my own monsters.

But I remind myself I obey no one. Especially when I’m starting to suspect that they had a hand to play in my family’s death.

They aren’t the first monsters I’ve faced. They’ll most certainly be the last…"


Mark Me is a steamy, shifter romance with darker themes, enemies to lovers tension, three possessive and cocky aIphahoIes, a tough and sassy heroine who refuses to choose just one man. Dive in and enjoy this standalone book.

TROPE: Fantasy Romance, Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Redemption Romance, Shifter Romance

Matt Cover Hardback Special Edition and Paperback Books

Each Special Edition Mark Me Book Comes With:

  • Colored Pages and Artwork
  • Silver Foiled Cover
  • Printed Edges
  • Unique Page Designs
  • Foiled Bookmark
  • Exclusive art on postcards
  • Character sticker set
  • Mila Young Stickers
Book Size: 6 x 9
Book Style: Hardback
Pages: 413 pages

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